definition spelled l.o.v.e.

Are you feeling it? Is this pedestal story of romance and a perfect dance on this floor called a relationship ever truly in our grasp? Are we simply remnants of the masks that we hide behind after been torn apart by insecurities that we aren’t good enough for love? Will we continue to batter the souls of others as we (quote on quote) play the field, (quote on quote) see if its real, and (damn im soooo sorry) stomp on the wounds of the hearts that we hold as they are starting to heal? Is it our fault? Does love expect too much?  Maybe We are simply mortals up against this immortal entity with mortals hands we cannot touch. Can we be happy w/o it? When we will stop doubting it? Is it that cool feeling that you get when she says “your heart, didn’t think I would make it w/o it”? That sheer moment when you can spot her out of a room of a thousand people. Is is the substance of the tears that she cries when she finds out that she isn’t the only one? The feeling of defeat dark nights when you’re the lonely one? Its simple to say that we don’t have time for it but is that worth never even seeing it? Shittt ill just play it off and pretend that i was never meant to be in it. When you lose it, did you really lose some of you? Did it leave you  with that new haircut, gorgeous makeup, and the scent of cologne from your new boo? Idk, because we all hide it so well, getting high til the sunset or playing the new nigga  like he don’t get you wet. Or maybe it’s when he sinks into your lips hoping that he will find the hand-crafted genuine entity that the last man messed over? I will confess over and over that I have never been that close to a gift that God truly embodies himself.  Or maybe I’m just jealous and love is the only thing that can help. Help us feel complete, that maybe it “wasn’t what you thought it was last time because that shit felt like defeat.”Is it possibly the extra twist on the wheel to make sure we don’t go flat and get off track and the answer to the text that she does indeed want you back. Is it real? Please say it is so because it’s essence has the capacity to make the mind free. Because if it isn’t and we are apart of God then who. are. we?

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